Are You Leaving, Shamu? April 26, 2016

Yes, but I will be around… You might know SeaWorld as a place where you can watch dolphin shows and ride rides, but that’s not the reason why

Religious Freedom or Discrimination April 25, 2016

The debate continues… Have you seen this sign at restaurants: “No shirt, no shoes, no service”? Or how about one that says, “We reserve th

There’s Been a Leak April 25, 2016

And  it’s not water How would you like it if someone read your diary and then shared it with everyone at school? Well, that’s basically what

Je Suis Bruxelles April 25, 2016

Brussels, the World’s Got Your Back On Tuesday, March 22nd, tragedy struck Brussels, Belgium. Two explosions at the Zaventem Airport and another

A Game Changer April 25, 2016

The N.F.L finally says yes A few weeks ago Congress asked a representative of the National Football League, Je Miller, a question about concussions (o