The World Speaks Up: People Make Their Voices Heard by Voting

May 24, 2017

Recently, the people of France, South Korea, and Iran went to their polling booths to elect their next leader. Why should the world care about one country’s election? Because believe it or not, the choices that one country makes, affects other countries too. Take a look at who these countries voted for and what these presidents promised.

France:  Emmanuel Macron

Population of France: ~66 million

Age: 39 (claiming the title “Youngest President of France”)

Previous Jobs: Banker, Economy Minister

Percentage of Votes Won: 62%

Political Party: He founded the movement En Marche! (or Forward!)over a year ago

Campaign: A free market and a strong united Europe

Opponent: Marine Le Pen (she ran on an anti-immigration campaign)

South Korea: Moon Jae-in

Population of South Korea: ~50 million

Age: 64

Previous Job: Leader of the Democratic Party of Korea

Percentage of Votes Won: 41% (but he lost the last time he ran for president in 2012)

Political Party: Democratic Party of Korea

Campaign: Cleaning up the Government, creating more jobs

Opponents: 12 other candidates, but he won by a landslide because he promised to be a “president for all”

Iran: Hassan Rouhani

Population of Iran: ~79 million

Age: 69

Previous Job: The same—he has been the President since 2013!

Percentage of Votes Won: 57%

Political Party: Moderation and Development Party

Campaign: Peace, democracy, and economic growth

Opponent: Ebrahim Raisi, a former cleric and close friend of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, the most powerful person in the country


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