Here at Xyza, we’re always thinking about the news. But you know what else we’re constantly thinking of? How kids (yes, we’re talking about you!) can be a part of Xyza. That’s why we created the Junior Reporter Program.

Are you always asking questions? Think you might want to be a news reporter, DJ, writer, or photographer someday? Love the news? Love stories? Love Xyza? Junior Reporters get to do all sorts of things like report on local events, interview people, submit reviews on the latest movies, and much more!

Chloe, for example, thought it’d be fun to interview Joann and Sapna, the co-founders of Xyza. Zoya went to a festival and wanted to share her experience. Another reporter wanted to cover a story about a basketball game, while someone else wanted to review a movie. So many great ideas!

And the best part about being a Junior Reporter? There is no one perfect way to be a Junior Reporter. Love writing? Email us an article or a comment. Love taking pictures? Email it to us with a caption! Love recording things? Hit that record button, and then share your video or audio interview with us.

Interested in signing up? Click below to get updates from our editor, and one day, you just might see your name printed in an issue of Xyza!